In today’s market, it might be more important than ever for Realtors to write a winning offer for their clients. Housing inventory is still very low compared to previous years, and if you’re a Realtor, you want to position your clients to beat out the competition.


Here are just a few tips to help you write a winning offer for your buyer:


  1. Don’t ask for things in the offer which don’t convey. Things like lawn mowers, swing sets, area rugs, etc. don’t belong in a competitive offer. These can be requested and negotiated once you’re the prime contract.


  1. Keep your offer simple. Don’t complicate it with trivial items like requesting a faucet drip or a running toilet be fixed. In most cases, these will be covered in the buyers’ right to a final inspection of the property, unless this has been negotiated out of the contract by the seller.


  1. If the buyer has significant cash reserves, consider waiving the appraisal contingency. In other words, if you’re making a 20 percent down payment and still have 20 percent more cash left in the bank after settlement, you can waive the appraisal and agree to pay cash over the appraised value up to a certain limit over the appraisal. Obviously, if you’re using all your available cash for the initial down payment, you can’t do this.


  1. Place a large earnest money deposit. Money talks and shows a serious buyer. Consider making it non-refundable and perhaps payable directly to the seller upon acceptance of the offer. The buyer must be comfortable with this decision, and it’s encouraged to discuss it first with the buying agent.


  1. If financing is needed, conventional loans are preferable to sellers and listing agents over FHA or VA loans. If a buyer needs FHA or VA financing, the strongest offer needs to be introduced right away.


  1. The buyer should have their loan officer call the listing agent/seller to vouch for the capability to obtain the financing.


  1. The buyer should ask their lender if the lender will pay part of your closing costs. This is common in today’s financing market. This could save the buyer cash and allow use of that money to enhance the seller’s net proceeds.


  1. Offer to be pre-approved by the seller’s/listing agent’s preferred lender. The buyer doesn’t have to use this lender; however, getting confirmation of the ability to finance the purchase could set a potential buyer apart from other offers and put the seller’s mind at ease.


  1. Offer to pay some/all of the seller’s closing costs (if allowed by the lender).


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