Switch up your same old Open House routine for a Broker’s Open

June 12, 2018

It’s the way most agents spend every Sunday afternoon (and maybe Saturdays as well), especially during the Spring market — setting up signs, laying out cookies, and greeting potential buyers at an Open House. When they’re good, they’re very good — you may occasionally meet a buyer who is genuinely interested in the property, especially in a competitive, fast-moving market. When they’re bad, though, you’ll spend your day talking to neighbors, lookie-loos, or people who are only “beginning to think about maybe buying a home someday, y’know, down the road.”

What’s the purpose of a public open house?

For some real estate agents, the open house is a fairly futile exercise. In fact, some real estate agents tell homeowners outright that they do not conduct open houses. The main reason? According to most agents, open houses just don’t get the house sold. So why do so many agents continue to hold their listings open each week?

Client Satisfaction

For most clients, there is an expectation that the listing agent will hold an open house, at least during the first couple of weeks that the home is listed, as well as after any major changes. Indeed, because so much of the marketing and networking involved in listing a home is behind the scenes, many clients wonder “what the agent is doing” if they don’t see them holding an open house or two.

Buyer Leads

For some agents, the open house is far less about selling the home and more about the opportunity to meet potential new buyer clients when they are just beginning their real estate search. For this reason, many agents are careful to record names and contact information (as well as whether or not the buyers are currently represented) in order to follow up afterward and, potentially, nurture unrepresented leads into buyer clients.

How is a Broker’s Open different?

If your purpose in holding an open house is to not only please the homeowners but also get the house sold, a Broker’s Open is a better option in many cases than the traditional public open house. Why?

Sale Potential

Because the attendees are real estate agents and brokers, you’re showing the home to people who potentially have clients who would be interested in the property. Instead of spending time talking to neighbors who definitely aren’t interested in buying the home, every attendee at a Broker’s Open represents a potential buyer opportunity.

Market Insight

Wondering whether or not you’re priced right? Not sure whether to stage or not? Need some insight into current market conditions? A Broker’s Open can serve as an informal mastermind, potentially bringing dozens of local experts through the door and helping you figure out how to get the home sold faster.

How is a Pruitt Title Broker’s Open better?

If you have decided to change up your open house routine and hold a Broker’s Open, you want to partner with someone with the experience, outreach, and expertise to help you create an event that will get attention and get your listing sold. Pruitt Title creates incredible Broker’s Open opportunities for agents throughout the DMV. What makes a Pruitt Title Broker’s Open House so different?


Whether catering or cooked on-site, you’ll find that the food at a Pruitt Title Open House is not the same old “cookies and a water bottle” you may expect. Whether the menu is sushi, shwarma, or a Cajun feast, you’ll find that great food keeps those agents and brokers around longer. That means they keep looking at the home, giving them more time to connect it to the ideal Buyer in their CRM.


You know that moment when you throw a party and worry that no one is coming? You’ll never have to worry about that with a Pruitt-partnered Broker’s Open. Through Pruitt Title’s social media and email marketing, your Broker’s Open will be on the radar of hundreds of brokers and agents throughout the area, ensuring that you have dozens of people coming in who can help you market your listing to their offices and networks.


Pruitt Title provides extraordinary incentives to make sure there’s maximum interest in your listing. With on-site gift-card drawings, you’ll bring in more agents and keep them around longer, giving you the chance to talk with them about the property and get valuable feedback to help you market it more effectively.

Do you have a listing coming up and want to make sure it gets the widest possible audience? Do you have a current listing that’s just not moving, and you’re not sure why? Whatever your needs, Pruitt Title’s Broker’s Open can help you connect in person with the agents in your area who have the ideal buyers for that property. Contact us to find out more and to schedule your Broker’s Open with Pruitt Title.