The doors were opened in August 2007 by Sara Bolton. Sara had already been in the title business for a number of years and was confident she could “do this herself” in a way that others weren’t doing it. Providing an excellent experience for those with a real estate transaction of any kind was her main objective. She set up shop in a co-working space in McLean and got to work.

Dani Watson, whom she had worked with at another title company, was brought on in 2009. Dani assisted with post-closing and operations while Sara processed and conducted settlements.

It wasn’t long before Pruitt moved out of the co-working space and into its very own office off of Gallows Road in Tyson’s Corner. There was now a conference room, lobby/reception area, an office for everyone, and room for growth.  It was perfect. Continued growth ensued.

Along came Cassie Segreve to process full time. With a full time processor and post closer, Sara could focus on conducting closings and growing Pruitt even more. By this time, she was married with a daughter.

The team was humming along very nicely, like a well-oiled machine. It must have shown because over the next few years, the team continued to grow. New team members have been added each year and the office is about to make our fourth move into a beautiful new space in February 2021!

The culture at Pruitt is one of family. Sara has worked hard to create an extremely enjoyable work environment. When we aren’t in the office helping and serving our clients, you may find us at an escape room, holiday dinner, charity event, or a good old fashioned happy hour after a busy month. Having a group of people that truly care about each other is one of the main reasons we have happy clients.

In 2020 Pruitt has donated over $20,000 to charities near and dear to our clients. Giving back is our 2021 focus and we will be incorporating additional ways to choose charities that are meaningful to our Agents, Lenders, Buyers and Sellers. Your trust and loyalty are the key factors to our success and we thank YOU!


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