Are you refinancing your current mortgage? Congratulations! We are here to help.

The first step in refinancing is to find a lender. You’ll likely be considering your own bank, a local lender or a big box lender like Quicken Loans. Each has its own advantages. There are many reasons people refinance, but the most common reason is to change the rate and/or term. It’s always wise to compare rates between a few different lenders. In addition to comparing rates, pay close attention to their fees and how responsive they are.

The second step will be choosing a title company. Most likely, your lender will have one to recommend. Again, you will want to be your own advocate and make sure you are comfortable with the company that you choose and that the rates are competitive. It is the Buyer’s choice to choose the title company, even on a refinance.

If you close with Pruitt, we come to your home at any time that is convenient for you to conduct the closing.

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