Whether you are selling a home or purchasing a home, you have the right to choose the Title Company. We suggest asking your Realtor for two or three recommendations. Call each one, get a quote, and ask any questions you may have. It is also wise to read their online reviews. Once you’ve collected information from each one, you’ll be able to make a decision you feel comfortable with.

The Title Company is at the epicenter of the process and can make or break the deal for you. Some but not all of the tasks the Title Company is responsible for are:

  1. Perform a 60-year title search
  2. Attempt to resolve any title issues
  3. Conduct closing
  4. Act as the escrow agent
  5. Prepare the deed
  6. Checks taxes
  7. Check HOA balances
  8. Record the deed
  9. Disburses all monies in accordance with the ALTA Settlement Statement (98% of the time, the file is recorded and disbursed within 24 hours of settlement. Title Companies are allowed 2 business days, but very few take that long).

Purchasing and selling a home is one of the biggest decisions a person makes in their lifetime. If you decide to select Pruitt Title, LLC to handle your settlement, we promise to keep you well informed and guide you through every step of the process.

An extra perk of working with Pruitt is that we close anytime, anywhere, literally. We often conduct the Seller’s closing on a day prior to the Buyer’s closing. And, if you’re out of town, we can facilitate a settlement where ever you are for no extra cost.

Our mission is to help people have a smooth and pleasant closing, no last minute surprises. There is a difference working with us!

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